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Men’s Social Activities – MENSSA

It sounds like a group of very intelligent people – but not in this instance. MENSSA in this sense stands for Men’s Social Activities, and over the last few years the activities have been very varied. The only stipulation in order to participate is that you must be over 18.

On the second Tuesday of each month a group of us meet up for an evening out. This will consist of something to eat or drink, usually both, and often we take part in an activity of some sort. To date such activities have included – climbing at Pear Mill; a trip around Robinson’s Brewery; playing Snooker and going to the Cinema. New ideas are always welcome – a weekend away is still up for discussion with venue, format and activities to be decided.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and informality most definitely is the key. If you think you may be too old to come along then think again. We have members ranging from their twenties to their late seventies. Indeed this wealth of age and experience is one of the key strengths of the group and what makes nights out so interesting. No one is TOO old to participate or contribute to anything. When the group went climbing the oldest member joined in and the best climber turned out to be one of the senior members. Age is not a barrier to participation; some people may think it is, but the MENSSA group certainly don’t believe it is.

We usually meet outside the church hall at 7.30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. However, on occasion we may meet earlier or arrange to meet directly at a venue depending on what is planned for the evening. So if you fancy an informal and relaxed night out in the company of a group of blokes of varying ages, interests and experiences, why not try MENSSA? You don’t have to be as intelligent as the name might suggest – honestly!!

For further information contact

Roger Salt: 0161 439 0371

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